One of the main program areas of the Englishman River Watershed Recovery Plan is Monitoring and Evaluation programs on the river, and since the onset of the plan there has been a variety of monitoring activity. Below we briefly describe some of those activities that are taking place.

Englishman River Claybanks

The claybanks along the Englishman River have been a concern to stream stewards and users of the trails for many years for the constant sloughing off of chunks of material. MVIHES has been tracking the progress of the erosion with photos for the past several years.

Photo pan of Englishman River claybanks in October 2007

dfoclaybanksample.jpgDFO did a core sample of the substrate to determine if the sediment coming off the claybanks is covering salmon eggs. At the time of the sample, in 2008, itwas determined that it was not.