Water Management

waterchemistrytestresize.jpgMVIHES initiated a multi-phase community-based program with Dr. Gilles Wendling of GW Solutions to characterize and understand the interaction between groundwater and surface water moving in the Englishman River watershed. The report on the first phase can be found by clicking here.

Thanks to the many well-owners who participated in the project we were able to collect information on the presence and behaviour of aquifers in the Englishman River watershed, to define aquifers, to assess the elevation of the water table in the aquifers, to estimate the groundwater flow path and to start defining the interconnection between the aquifers and the river. The more we understand about our watershed, which includes the groundwater, the better we will be able to protect it and all the ecosystem services it provides.

Funding was provided by the Real Estate Foundation of BC, Georgia Basin Vancouver Island Living Rivers and the Regional District of Nanaimo, with in-kind support from the BC Ministry of Environment and GW Solutions.